New Music Friday

July Round 2 – Southern Pride Month

Rednecks of all races, colors, and creeds in this week’s edition


“Good Vibrations”



“Cocaine (User’s Prayer)”


Full Album Drop 😮

‘Blue Genes’


“Southern Pride”


July 6th

July 7th

July 8th

July 9th

July 10th

July 11th

July 12th




“White House”


Another FULL ALBUM Drop 💧

‘American Dude’


“Moment of Clarity”


“Way Up”


“Lover of My Soul”


“Losing My Religion”

New Music Friday

Taking Our Country Back One Song at a Time

Tyson James – New Single “Monkey Pox”

Blake Haggard new single “No Taps”

🎶”We ’bout to take Our Country back right in front of y’all”🎶

– Forgiato Blow

Bryson Gray – New Single “Run”

Vin Jay – New Single “I’ve Been In My Head”

The Marine Rapper – New Single “Memorial Day”

Michale Graves – New EP ‘Boxcar Headed East”

Space Force – New Single “Next World Wonder”

Music Videos

ICYMI – A soon to be classic video by Hi-Rez – Watch ‘Programmed’

New Music Friday

This line up from last Friday and today includes hip-hop, hard rock, alternative and more new full albums

Forgiato Blow – New Album

Jack White – New Album

Papa Roach – New Album

Kurt Vile – New Album

D. Cure – New Single and a New Album 🔥🌌

Stori Kobane Featuring DC Capital – New Song

An0maly – New Song

The Marine Rapper – New Song

Self Doubt by Jessie G, the Marine Rapper

New Music Friday

Ignore the establishment pushed music. This Friday starts out with two artists going hard against the system.

Both artists are definitely pushing the limits on what is “allowed” to be said today; whether it is true or not. How long before a “Big Tech” company bans them?

Take a listen:

Taking Humanity back

Time to defeat the #NewWorldOrder

Hail Fauci! Hail Fauci!! Hail Fauci!!!

With Humanity starting to rise up all over the world it appears to be time to start a thread on all the people standing up to school boards county boards etc.

This first video really kicks it off:

The video above was banned from Twitter so here is a backup copy:

Backup of the backup, let’s try again:

This woman in Tennessee let’s loose on them:

Another Tennessee Patriot stand up:

Iranian-American Stands up:

You better believe there’s more where that came from but this is a good start and they are probably many still yet to come!

Another Florida Patriot stands up for all children:

It’s getting real everywhere, check out these two powerful women:

California Momma Bear lets school board know:

The Bears Are Back In Town, Momma Bears That Is:

Papa Bear reads to the School Board a book children had access to…gets removed from meeting

Round Rock School District – Texas

Asheville, North Carolina

Pastor Cutoff During Reading of Material Found in School Library

Pastor Cutoff At School Board Meeting

New Thread – Patriots Protect Local Property

This will be the first of many Patriots coming out from the underground to defend their local businesses and homes.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Mostly peaceful they all say…

“Kenosha locals did not do this”

Local Business Owner Spends Evenings On Roof Protecting His Business:

“We are in uncharted territory” – Mark Dice

The Truth About KYLE

‘DOJ officials are “also targeting and investigating the head of these organizations, the individuals that are paying for these individuals to move across the country,” Wolf added.’

The Epoch Times

Groups Behind Riots Being Investigated by Department of Justice: Top Official

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Watch “Joe Rogan Experience #1255 – Alex Jones Returns!” on YouTube

The podcast version of this episode ended up becoming very popular:

Check out this other CLASSIC Banned 🚫 Video: