Watch This Insane Person Screaming Profanely At A Police Officer

“Where’s your mask bitch?” – Demon Possessed Woman Screaming At Cop

This specific encounter is in Portland, but these weirdos will be popping up everywhere. The woman sounds like she is literally possessed and the cop takes it very well.


Tik Tok Bans A Veteran

As regular everyday people start experiencing censorship on a mass scale we will see more of this. More videos and interviews to come. America is going to put a stop to this.

Check this testimony out before it gets banned:

Gods Trumpet (@RodFair2) Tweeted:

“Juneteenth” Already Exists As State Holiday In Texas

Don’t fall for the next narrative from The System. Corrupt Establishment provacateurs take one last stab at dividing Americans with their “new” segregated holiday…

And then there is this…

New Viral Music 🎶

As TruHop (Truth Hip Hop) makes a comeback we will track the rise of the underground artists rising up to take the industry, culture and the world by storm.

Here is the latest artist to rise in the charts:

It is more important than ever to support independent artists and labels. LISTENING is supporting! You can listen on multiple platforms here:

What Would Brother Malcom Say?

Original Founder of Black Panthers Speaks Out About Neo Liberal Fascists

Remember this?