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The Battle Rages On

GD Originals:


“I’ll take ALL of you on!”

– America vs The Empire

This Video MEME may be inactive because the hosting provider BITCHUTE is under attack and their domain is shut down.

FRESH MEME From Wintrell:

FRESH MEME From Mad Liberals:

YouTube Version:

Here is one that really gets ’em going.

Mad Maxine Lays Down The Law
Brennan Questioned By Soros
Check back often because there is more to come...


Speaking of memes, the disinformation conglomerate is now fact checking memes and comedy. Videos and fake news flips are forthcoming. In the meantime…

Check out Wintrell’s MAGAMAN

We are calling it an OMB ANTHEM

This one Tweeted by POTUS is sure to get them going on TV:

Here is the full version from Thug Life New Shit:


Corrupt Technocrats Are AFRAID of MEMES

Carpe Donktum, featured in the graphic above,  had over 10 videos pulled from Twitter at the same time. 

Creative Meme Video Exposes Dystopian New Reality

Major Media Outlets Forced To Spend Resources Covering Top MEMESTERS:


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