Dr. S Interview With Bryson Gray

Watch before it gets banned or something…

ATOK Releases ‘LOVE SONGS’ an EP


All Types of Kinds is a multi-talented group that released a new album today. Its a great day since it is the birthday one of their members.

Take a listen as you cruise down the road today or as you relax on the front porch.

We really like this one:

Listen to A Name That I Know by All Types Of Kinds on Napster: https://npstr.cm/f2aylx

You can Follow them here:



Music Censorship is Next

As Mass Censorship roles out worldwide look for music to be the next target…


This prediction was made on March 1, 2019.

Today is March 7th 2021 and the time has arrived. Many artists are already banned but did not make headlines. Once the banning of music moves into full fruition how will it end?

Woke Mob Targets Rap:

The dominoes are starting to fall fast!