Hail Fauci! Hail Fauci!! Hail Fauci!!!

With Humanity starting to rise up all over the world it appears to be time to start a thread on all the people standing up to school boards county boards etc.

This first video really kicks it off:


The video above was banned from Twitter so here is a backup copy:

Backup of the backup, let’s try again:

This woman in Tennessee let’s loose on them:

Another Tennessee Patriot stand up:

Iranian-American Stands up:

You better believe there’s more where that came from but this is a good start and they are probably many still yet to come!

Another Florida Patriot stands up for all children:

It’s getting real everywhere, check out these two powerful women:


California Momma Bear lets school board know:

The Bears Are Back In Town, Momma Bears That Is:



Papa Bear reads to the School Board a book children had access to…gets removed from meeting

Round Rock School District – Texas

Asheville, North Carolina

Pastor Cutoff During Reading of Material Found in School Library

Pastor Cutoff At School Board Meeting