False Flag Warning

As the fake stream media and big tech push a false narrative about Trump supporters take note that it is a PEACEFUL movement. Also, note that most logical voices are calling for Trump supporters not to show up at ANY Capitol “protest”.



πŸ₯ΊParler CEO In Hiding

The harassment of New Tech CEOs is next level:

Parler CEO Flees Home with His Family, Goes Into Hiding After Receiving Death Threats

Parler’s Matze, Family Forced Into Hiding Due to Death Threats, Security Breaches: Filing https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/parler-ceo-john-matze-family-forced-into-hiding-due-to-death-threats-security-breaches-filing_3659107.html

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🎭More “Activists” Arrested

HUGE! Brother of Arrested Antifa-BLM Activist John Sullivan Turned Him In! — Says His Brother Was “Somehow in Charge” of US Capitol Riots (VIDEO)

Antifa Activist Daniel Alan Baker Arrested for Plotting to Murder Trump Supporters and Police on Inauguration Day

As usual, the truth about the agitators is coming but, but is it a day late and a dollar short?

Another One Brainwashed By The Media

This dude thought he was protecting Florida from Rrrracists:

FBI Arrests ‘Hardcore Antifa Leftist’ For Planning To Attack Florida State Capitol

Fake News Alert: Wall Street Journal Forced To Retract False Claim Alex Jones Led Siege on US Capitol

Although it may be too late since so many still trust the fake stream press, we must still press forward with the TRUTH about the situation.  Mr. Salazar provides the details of the retraction in this article below.


We cannot let the corrupt MEDIA form a false narrative in everyone’s minds that the American Patriots at the January 7th Rally were anything but peaceful.

Here is the ACTUAL footage where AJ urges everyone to move PEACEFULLY:

PEACEFULLY! Shouts The Forbidden One


Commie infiltrator video footage released exposes the TV narrative about the Capital “protests”. More and more evidence of an orchestrated event to demonize regular American Patriots is flowing.


The Hodge Twins Bust Down Fake New Media Narratives With Straight Common Sense


They Are Called Agent Provocateurs

Tactic is called FALSE FLAG

Multiple reports are coming in confirming the infiltration of a peaceful rally today by agent provacateurs. This first one was already shared by Congressman Gaetz of Florida

Reports are also coming in that some Police are working with the provacateurs. Here is one video:

You won’t see this video on the fake news It’s got barely any views right now compared to the ones that keep showing on TV. Clearly shows an older Trump supporter stopping a helmet headed provocateur from wrecking the window:

Another eyewitness speaks about what he heard infiltrators saying:


Rudy G Confirms Our Assumption About “Agent Provacateurs”:

🚨Tweet from The Righteous Chef (@TheRighteousCh1)⚠️

Check this out POTUS is about to lead a March on the capital with millions of American Patriots behind him!

There will me many surprises and surprise guests!πŸŠπŸ—ΏπŸ˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ’―πŸ¦…πŸŒŽπŸ•ŠοΈ

The Righteous Chef (@TheRighteousCh1) Tweeted: POTUS to lead MARCH on CAPITOL to CHEER ON those who defend OUR CONSTITUTION πŸŠπŸ—ΏπŸ˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ’―πŸ¦…πŸŒŽ #stopthesteal @RealAmVoice’s broadcast: Live: Trump speaks to protesters at rally to ‘save America’. https://t.co/Ba2J1cXjDN https://t.co/FvbRuhg1n1 https://twitter.com/TheRighteousCh1/status/1346868995484475394?s=20

Stay caught up HERE:


Deep LIVE Coverage

Commie Thugs Thread πŸ‘Ή

Watch as these Communist Brown Shirt thugs harass a United States Senator:

We have a feeling a lot more is going to be happening over the next couple of weeks.Β  Check back on this thread for updates.


Sad that we have to say this but the delta on FAKE MEDIA hoaxes will be DAILY all week

Just think Bubba Smollett multiplied by 1,000 and that is the level they will take it

Here is the truth about “the phone call” that is showing up in all of our FAKEBOOK feeds and on all the nightly TV “shows”…


Known Scammer

A Different Perspective

Diamond πŸ’Ž and Silk 🎭 know about it: https://rumble.com/vcffo9-president-trumps-full-conversation-with-georgia-election-officials.html


The first strike of the SNAKES today with the viral arrest of an innocent man: