Mike Lindell Announcement

Please support Mike, get on his new platform “FRANK” and listen to his LIVESTREAM speech tomorrow morning 🌄

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Absolute Proof Documentary 😳🙈😶

Watch This 2 hour Documentary Before It Gets Banned By The Establishment

UPDATE: TruNews Reporting Mike Lindell moved to a secure location after death threats


UPDATE: Both VIMEO and YOUTUBE banned this documentary within hours of publishing. SCROLL to the bottom to watch on GAB 🐸

Vimeo link is having issues here is a YouTube Link:

After YouTube bans it the documentary will always be available on the home of free speech here:

The Establishment does not want this getting out. You know what to do.

Rumble Version:



BitChute Version:


Looks like the Brain at CloutHub banned Mike Lindell from broadcasting:

Why Are They So Worried About A Book?

Journalist Andy Ngo published a book recently that the Helmet Heads are up in arms over

Andy After Some Commie Love
The Forbidden Text

We’ve got the book in possession and will publish a review as soon as able. In the meantime, think about why these weirdos are so concerned about a book that they had to harass a bookstore that carries it…

Also take some time to look for this one:

The System does not want you to see this “tweet”

Speedy Doug Dooshey

According to Western Journal, at some point over the weekend, Twitter fixed the Issue after calling it an “accident”:

Twitter ‘Accident’ Reveals Big Tech’s Ability To Cut Supporters Off from Trump

Play time is over

Like Kanye says… Wake Up!

It’s been real and it’s been fun but has it been real fun? That’s what they say right?

Time to stay alert and vigilant

Actual Peaceful Protest

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: If We Don’t Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

‘The trials of our current times, like warfare, are immense and consequences severe and these seem inconquerable.’

Source: Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: If We Don’t Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

Massive Interview:


Beginning of the End for #BigTech

Big Tech Strikes Again:

Banning Two Major Websites From Advertising


Twitter CEO Grilled by CONGRESS 10.28.2020

January 2020

Multiple grillings in Congress was not enough for the tech tyrants. You see, once they have a taste of the power to control what people see and hear, they want more and more. In the case of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, he had to go all the way. He had to take it to the highest level; banning the President of The United States:

Mexico’s President spoke out against Tech Tyranny and according to National File, he plans to share his thoughts are the G20 summit.

Mexican President Promises To Lead International Coalition Against Big Tech Censorship, Compares To ‘Spanish Inquisition’

Recently a whistleblower from inside Twitter shared video evidence of Jacky Boy’s plans for censorship. In this video Dorsey explains that it will be bigger than just one account: