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Communism Is Here! Frank Speech Free Speech Platform Under DDOS Attack

Yahoo! Bing and DuckDuckGo Search Engines are hiding this website if you search it! There are also fake sites trying to impersonate👇


The first website that shows up when you search under the DuckDuckGo browser is FAKE:

Project Veritas CEO To Sue Twitter On Monday

After suspension from the platform over false accusations CEO James O’Keefe Vows To Win

Official Statement From O’Keefe

This isn’t the first shoe to drop and it won’t be the last. It is imperative that we support Patriots working on the front lines. One of the best ways to do that is to follow them on New Tech platforms.

Follow James on Telegram https://t.me/JamesOKeefeIII

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Voice Banning Coming To A Social Media Platform Near You

Fakebook and Instasham to remove all posts containing President Trump’s VOICE

Here is the latest BANNED video:

Support Sergeant Harrelson’s Family here:


They sent an armored vehicle to the house of another Veteran:


Man in Collier County Arrested by Heavily Armed Feds With TANKER TRUCKS in Connection with Capitol Riot (VIDEO)

Memorial Day Event Was Just Banned From Fakebook

With 15,000 ready to attend #BigTech gives the Anaconda Squeeze

As with many things that are getting banned over the last few months (which are becoming too many to name); this sudden move will cause the event to grow even bigger. At this point in the game people are sick and tired of these technocrats at Facebook, Google, Concast, et al. trying to stop regular people from enjoying life together. They must be angry that no one cares about the narratives they push while censoring people they don’t like.

This is a story worth tracking so check back for updates in the future. 🔮

Don Jr. Makes Move To Rumble For Video Content

Check out this quick and precise message from Don Jr. on why he made the switch:


Freedom of speech is the main driver for many that are switching to NuTech platforms. Freedom of ideas and a level playing field for all is the desire of those leading the charge.

Here is a message from Don Jr. On enemy platform Twitter: