General Flynn Withdraws Guilty Plea – Government Corrupt

Here is the full documentation since:

1+ year later…

5+ more months later…


General Flynn Gag Order Removed
His first few interviews are powerful and this is one of them:

5 months later…

6/24/2020 – General Flynn Gag Order Lifted, He Is Free To Speak Out – John Solomon provides links to documents:

Not too long after General Flynn posted a cryptic video of an American Flag waving on a pole in the forest…

Patriots Worldwide were waiting for this moment…

DOJ Drops Michael Flynn Case

Full article from


With a Vindicated Flynn, the Fake News Media is freaking out… Listen as Bongino breaks it all down:

Finally! The DOJ drops the case against General Mike Flynn. Media tyrants are losing it over the exoneration of General Mike Flynn. Another anti-Trump conspiracy falls apart.  Why was this Pentagon a list investigated in January, 2017?  Why did Steele delete his emails on January 5th?

Episode Download link:

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