Going Back To Back To Cali


Well the slick haired governor wants to OPEN up. Some think it is a ploy to stop the recall. Others think it’s because they are turning the levels down on the tests. Who really knows?


Native Lands Thread

Read this letter from the Ute Tribe

My Pillow Guy Is An American Hero

Epic interview with Mike Lindell


This is how Corporate Un-America responds:


The Big Tech Crackdown Is Accelerating β€” Get On These Growing Alternative Platforms

We are cancelling legacy #bigtech accounts as fast as we can set up our accounts new tech platforms that don’t censor, or should we say #sensor


Find us where you can @dutheis

Dark Winter

A final message from Congressman Nunez before darkness πŸŒ‘

Midnight Tonight


Today General Flynn also asked that people find him on Clout Hub so check that out. Keep in mind all the alternative platforms are moving slowly and are most likely under shady removals from service providers and DDOS attacks.

America’s Voice News was had their video hosting service canceled by IBM:

Synchronized Tyranny

We will update this feed as more information becomes available πŸ¦…πŸ•ŠοΈ

In the meantime never forget those that premeditatively knew about Dark Winter