Italy Falls

If you aren’t on GAB yet get on there. Once the internet gets shut down it won’t matter anyway.

Sssshhh…it’s getting real

As Arizona wraps up America’s Audit, more than 10 other States are poised to conduct Forensic Audits.

More to come on this “new” thread 🧵…

Watch This Insane Person Screaming Profanely At A Police Officer

“Where’s your mask bitch?” – Demon Possessed Woman Screaming At Cop

This specific encounter is in Portland, but these weirdos will be popping up everywhere. The woman sounds like she is literally possessed and the cop takes it very well.


Tik Tok Bans A Veteran

As regular everyday people start experiencing censorship on a mass scale we will see more of this. More videos and interviews to come. America is going to put a stop to this.

Check this testimony out before it gets banned:

Gods Trumpet (@RodFair2) Tweeted:

Cancel YouTube Immediately

Banning and harassing people and companies they don’t like is the new norm.

The corrupt platform is no longer about YOU. Once again they are harassing a company that did nothing wrong. Rightside Broadcasting Network (RSBN) was recently punished by the tech overlords:

Tortious Interference?

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