Like Snakes? Many people don’t and this is big.

New documentary considers unimaginable origins of pandemic based in evil

Get it out there and start hammering away before it gets banned

Let’s also track fake news narratives attacking the two gentlemen in the video.

Dr. A Joins The Health Ranger for an interview on the same topic:

Dr. A Hypothesis Interview with Steel Truth:

Dr. Jane Ruby reports findings from scientists:

Here are some of the sources docs and establishment takes on it:

International Business Times – January 23,2020

Scientific American – January 22,2020

Editors Note on this 1/22/2020 article was dated 4/12/2022 which is pretty suspect because that is the day after the “Watch The Water” documentary came out.

Crush The Narrative And Support Dr. Stella

You will again begin to see the attacks on Dr. Emmanuel again through your television and internet devices.

Do not fall for their tricks. This is a strong and powerful woman who loves Humanity and is interceding for so many.

Fighting The System

Archbishop Issues Dire Warning

Listen carefully as Archbishop Vigano lays out the situation at hand

“It is a Global Coups D’etat”

Global Slavery

International Tribunals an Anti-Globalist Alliance, and much more is needed to defeat what is coming.

More to come…

Latest message from The Archbishop:

Real Whistleblower Exposes Pfizer

Today a whistleblower who works at Pfizer comes out and the emails are devastating

She states that religious exemptions are being denied at Pfizer even though concerned Christians worst fears about aborted fetal cell tissues being used in the VAXX are proven true in these leaked emails.

Watch the latest video released by Project Veritas here:

She will most likely lose her job. You can support her here:

Do it for the children!

CONFIRMED Pfizer Whistleblower Fired From Job

Pfizer Exec Runs From Reporter, Literally

“News” Media about to run drama on Project Veritas

We knew this day was coming. Too bad they don’t realize they ain’t seen nothing yet…πŸ¦πŸ¦…πŸ™πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ’―

Listen below as Joe Rogan eloquently describes the facts of the matter

Latest TV Interview With Pfizer Whistleblower

“This is a gene editing technology”…


Pfizer Exec runs away from reporter

October 2023

James O’Keefe puts out notice that this whistleblower needs support

Support Dr. Stella E

The Establishment is going to attempt to crush her on round two of demonization

This Woman truly cares about Humanity. Everything the fake news scum say about her is an exaggeration or a lie.

What names will they call her this time? Please take your guesses in the comment section below πŸ™

Hear how Dr. Stella Takes On The System in Her Latest Interview:

Church Gestapo Tracker

Thread To Track Those Who Fight For Religious Freedom

First up is one from Canada and this guy sets the standard for how leaders of any congregation need to stand up to the thuggish illegal behavior of wanna-be Gestapo Agents Worldwide:

“Nazis Are Not Welcome Here!”

Meanwhile in London:

The Lion Returns – Gestapo Turned Away Again

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An Update From Canada’s Christian LION:

Canadian Pastor Arrested for Holding Church Service!

Donate to support Canada’s Christian LION 🦁

For 15 months I’m fighting those Hyenas

Artur P.

Sentencing Day

Massive update from Canada’s Christian Lion

Pastor Artur Arrested

After several arrests the Gestapo now have Canada’s Christian Lion locked up. HERE IS A MESSAGE from him through his brother:

After two long years and multiple arrests and false charges Pastor Artur finally wins

Check out the most recent full victory interview here:

<iframe id=”odysee-iframe” width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”$/embed/court-of-appeal-ahs-lawyers-back-off-sanctions-pawlowskis-chris-scott/53231691a094f067dccb78e640115946f5e92799?r=EQ8ajFFTp7riFxrKEZPyyJnRj3JTUFps&#8221; allowfullscreen></iframe>

Church Burnings & Desecration

Latest Desecration:

September 2023


Anti-Christian Mob Breaks Church Musician’s Bones, But He Refuses to Stop Worshiping God

By Michael Schwarz

Courtesy: Western Journal

Anti-Christian Mob Breaks Church Musician’s Bones, But He Refuses to Stop Worshiping God

August 2023

Punjab , Pakistan

June 9, 2022

Burnings begin in the United States

April 9, 2022

Tomb of Joseph Vandalized and Set on Fire

Joseph’s Tomb Smashed After Rioters Breach Holy Site

July 2021

20 Churches Burned In Canada

4.19.2021 INTEL UPDATE

There appears to be a church burning in Minneapolis.

HINDU Temple Destroyed

A few days earlier another Church Burns:

Another Church Burns


Latest Burning:


Courtesy @angelaramirez via Parler

Radicalized Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists Attack Kenosha After Officer Involved Shooting

#Kenosha Burns

Here is the most recent Church on fire from suspected arson:

Fukushima ExposedπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ (@fukushimaexpos2) Tweeted:
Breaking: There is a massive fire at the historic Nantes Cathedral in France.

How many more will burn before this is all over?