Censors Unleashed On Two World Renowned Ultra Americana Figures

Watch this interview for the history books as it is most certainly will get The System riled up

Later on we will share some reactions from the Mockingbird Media to the brainwashed sheep.

‘How Dare THEY’, Exclaims Confused Kamala After Accidentally Mis-Gendering “MAGA” Country

Everyone knows people that live in MAGA Country identify as He/Him. Well almost everyXne…

The people of MAGA Country are individuals that love Communism so much that they often perform work for free, but that’s not an excuse to mis-gender them. Everyone knows only Effing White Male Fascist Christian Redneck Hillbilly Deluxe people live in MAGA Country.

Watch this disturbing clip of Cackling Kamala Mis-Gendering Ultra MAGA:

Beta Beto Rally DELIVERS

Watch as O-Diggity and crew get live footage of commies at the Beta Beto “rally” in Austin, Texas

The Beta Beto “campaign” will certainly have a few more laughable moments. In the meantime, feel free to share info in the comments.

They Trippin! YOOOAH! They Trippin!

At least one lady was kind enough to
“mask up”… VIDEO BELOW

Tired of the covfefe Shields?

🅱🅴🅻🅻🅰 🅻🅾🆄 ™️ (@Lenabellalou) Tweeted:
oh no 😱
she done broke all the covid shields… 🤦🏻‍♀️

https://t.co/02dxDDzvzg https://twitter.com/Lenabellalou/status/1478503784657702913?s=20

New Viral Music

Have you seen or heard the “Alugalug” Cat yet? This dude “The Kiffness” takes a cat that makes one

of the most annoying sounds and turns it into a hit jam. He also opens up and shares some of his music making process in real time. Keep an eye out as this artist will be a force to reckon with.

The best way is to watch the video below:

You can also support THE KIFFNESS by listening to his tracks on digital music platforms here:

Police officer suspended for mocking #QueenJames raises a ton of money from Patriots and just signed a book deal.  🪖🤾😹


Boston Celtics NBA Player Calls Out Slave Labor and Hypocrisy



One Mask, Two Mask, Red Mask, Blue Mask

The Saga Continues

But first…

On his 120th birthday 3.2.2021 Dr. Seuss gets some books banned while some celebrate with memes:

Never Trust BuzzFeed



Couple Removed From Flight Because Baby Wasn’t Wearing A Mask:

CDC – Americans Should #MaskUpIndoors

“Advice” 2.10.21 CDC website 

But how many should we wear?

“Time to do what you are told” #doubleup


Those First Hunned Days You Better Listen

Biden Signs Executive Order To Ban The Term ‘China Virus’


Universities Threaten To Cut Off Students’ Internet Access If They Fail To Comply With COVID Restrictions


Arrested For Not Wearing A Mask

Backup video in case Nigel’s Tweet gets banned:

Arrested for being MASKLESS

No sniffing candles!


School Board Member goes nuts on citizen for attempting to speak without a “mask”

A totally normal wedding…


Federal Judge Strikes Down CDC Mask Mandate for Planes, Travel


Thanks to the great work of the Health Freedom Defense Fund!

Here is the summary judgment:


Florida Man Is Back

Florida Man Wrestles With Alligator To Save…


#FloridaMan Hops On Hood of Semi Truck For Miles:

Florida Man Loots Walmart in Tampa:

With much going on in the World right now Florida Man strikes again. Toilet paper is the new Tickle Me Elmo.

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