Come Through Me Mojofojo!

Former Overstock CEO Tells Government Stooges To Come Through Him [EXPLICIT VIDEO]

Anyone who follows Patrick Byrne already knows a lot of his story, but now it is out in the open for millions to see, hear, and understand.

In the middle of the church like boom this dude lays out the facts and more:

Here is a KEY audio excerpt:

Come Through Me motherfu©ke®!!!

Do you think The Establishment is feeling the Byrne now?

High Noon At Freedom Plaza

This Veterans Day weekend American Patriots will gather in solidarity with each other to show their love for the American Constitution and Freedom

This is America Rising:

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Patriots at the Capitol


POTUS Rides through the crowds in solidarity with lovers of freedom:

Now does that look like the smile of someone who is losing???

Nope sure doesn’t, but here is an example of what losing looks like. One group has signs that say “punch a MAGA in the face” while another sings “The Star Spangled Banner”:

Of course the goons have to show up:

The goons waste no time and go straight to assaulting supporters of the President: