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The Establishment is going to attempt to crush her on round two of demonization

This Woman truly cares about Humanity. Everything the fake news scum say about her is an exaggeration or a lie.

What names will they call her this time? Please take your guesses in the comment section below 🙏

Project Veritas CEO To Sue Twitter On Monday

After suspension from the platform over false accusations CEO James O’Keefe Vows To Win

Official Statement From O’Keefe

This isn’t the first shoe to drop and it won’t be the last. It is imperative that we support Patriots working on the front lines. One of the best ways to do that is to follow them on New Tech platforms.

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Fake News Alert: Wall Street Journal Forced To Retract False Claim Alex Jones Led Siege on US Capitol

Although it may be too late since so many still trust the fake stream press, we must still press forward with the TRUTH about the situation.  Mr. Salazar provides the details of the retraction in this article below.

We cannot let the corrupt MEDIA form a false narrative in everyone’s minds that the American Patriots at the January 7th Rally were anything but peaceful.

Here is the ACTUAL footage where AJ urges everyone to move PEACEFULLY:

PEACEFULLY! Shouts The Forbidden One


Commie infiltrator video footage released exposes the TV narrative about the Capital “protests”. More and more evidence of an orchestrated event to demonize regular American Patriots is flowing.


The Hodge Twins Bust Down Fake New Media Narratives With Straight Common Sense



Some of the videos in this report may have been removed from #BigTech platforms. Other Patriots saved the video:

Cardinal Conservative (@CardinalConserv) Tweeted:
FACT CHECK: ALEX JONES is being labeled an insurrectionist by FAKE NEWS, and they’re insinuating Trump contacted Jones to orchestrate the Jan. 6th Capitol Breach. FALSE!

Video of Alex Jones on Jan 6th saying NOT to breach the Capitol and remain peaceful, because its a setup.

Newly released footage showing who really “breached” the Capitol:

BOMBSHELL: This Short Video From January 6th May Explain Why DOJ Refuses to Release Thousands of Hours of Videos

Black Americans Killed in Riots Across American Cities – NewsWars

Horrific acts of violence are happening all over the country to people of all colors and creeds. This is a concerted effort to take over our country and all of us must stand together as one human race and one nation to defeat this enemy.