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New Viral Music 🎢

As TruHop (Truth Hip Hop) makes a comeback we will track the rise of the underground artists rising up to take the industry, culture and the world by storm.

Here is the latest artist to rise in the charts:

It is more important than ever to support independent artists and labels. LISTENING is supporting! You can listen on multiple platforms here:

What Would Brother Malcom Say?

Original Founder of Black Panthers Speaks Out About Neo Liberal Fascists

Remember this?

Strong Woman Crushes Woke Fascist

Public Service Announcement

Join James O’Keefe on Telegram πŸ‘‡

James is the CEO of Project Veritas and was banned from Gestapo Twitter. Over the last few years they have exposed so much corruption in government and media that under normal circumstances James would receive a Pulitzer Prize for excellence in journalism.

Here is a short clip of the PRESIDENT congratulating Mr. O’Keefe:

POTUS Congratulates Project Veritas Efforts

Founder Of Original Black Panthers Speaks Out

You gotta see this!

We are archiving in case Twitter bans the truth. Multiple accounts already banned today. Thousands since Patient Zero…