Censors Unleashed On Two World Renowned Ultra Americana Figures

Watch this interview for the history books as it is most certainly will get The System riled up

Later on we will share some reactions from the Mockingbird Media to the brainwashed sheep.

Corrupt System Targeting Another Doctor

This time it is a military Doctor and they want to send him to prison

Surely this is a story worth following. The entire 12 minute interview below is well worth listening to:

More to come…

Brave Man Exposes Corrupt Hospital

Probably not the first at this point but we will call it the first of many

Watch as this hero gets his reward from The System:



This Has To Stop

Vaccine-damaged Americans described suffering severe adverse reactions as a result of taking a Covid-19 shot during a press conference in Wisconsin Monday.

In footage from an event held in Milwaukee by Sen. Ron Johnson (R), multiple citizens gave devastating testimony recounting how the Covid-19 vaccine left them with possibly life-long debilitating health issues.

Watch the “Social Media” banned testimony:



The San Francisco Treat

Remember that little jingle? What was it from?

Oh well, here’s the new San Francisco Treat:



The San Francisco Treat Has Made It’s Way To Portland