Important Message From The CEO of GAB 🐸

The Great Awakening and The End of an Elitist Era

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Stop The Steal #Caravan 🚚🚐headed from Texas to Virginia this week. This is it the moment we have been preparing for.

Because of Big Tech Censorship communications are being hampered. For the latest updates download Periscope and follow this link:

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Founder Of Original Black Panthers Speaks Out

You gotta see this!

We are archiving in case Twitter bans the truth. Multiple accounts already banned today. Thousands since Patient Zero…

Play time is over

Like Kanye says… Wake Up!

It’s been real and it’s been fun but has it been real fun? That’s what they say right?

Time to stay alert and vigilant

Actual Peaceful Protest

Australia to Arrest ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ as Facebook Censors Chinese Virologist Whistleblower

Many warned this time was coming. The entire reason Patient Zero was first banned is because everyone will be banned from anything real. Perhaps Facebook and others like Google and Twitter need to get the TikTok treatment. This is happening now on Australia:

Doctors speak out: