Tik Tok Bans A Veteran

As regular everyday people start experiencing censorship on a mass scale we will see more of this. More videos and interviews to come. America is going to put a stop to this.

Check this testimony out before it gets banned:

Gods Trumpet (@RodFair2) Tweeted:
https://t.co/Do73cix52r https://twitter.com/RodFair2/status/1410959456498814976?s=20

Get To Know Cyrus

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CEO and Founder: The AI Organization

Accurately Warned and Predicted China CCP will unleash Bioweapon (Corona Virus), World Enslaved with AI.




Latest interview with Cyrus 10.8.2021


Voice Banning Coming To A Social Media Platform Near You

Fakebook and Instasham to remove all posts containing President Trump’s VOICE

Here is the latest BANNED video:

🚀Three Alt-Tech CEOs Issue Emergency Messages To Humanity ⭐

We will share their messages here and post multiple interviews.

Brighteon, Parler, and Gab are the last open and free communication platforms. Many have not heard of at least one or two of them; yet they are making a splash on the World scene.

Thank you for your support and let’s ROLL

A message from the CEO of GAB:

The Digital Civil War is Here, Which Side Are You On?

The People’s Media Revolution

Beginning of the End for #BigTech

Big Tech Strikes Again:

Banning Two Major Websites From Advertising


Twitter CEO Grilled by CONGRESS 10.28.2020

January 2020

Multiple grillings in Congress was not enough for the tech tyrants. You see, once they have a taste of the power to control what people see and hear, they want more and more. In the case of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, he had to go all the way. He had to take it to the highest level; banning the President of The United States:

Mexico’s President spoke out against Tech Tyranny and according to National File, he plans to share his thoughts are the G20 summit.

Mexican President Promises To Lead International Coalition Against Big Tech Censorship, Compares To ‘Spanish Inquisition’

Recently a whistleblower from inside Twitter shared video evidence of Jacky Boy’s plans for censorship. In this video Dorsey explains that it will be bigger than just one account: