Mike Lindell Announcement

Please support Mike, get on his new platform “FRANK” and listen to his LIVESTREAM speech tomorrow morning ๐ŸŒ„

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The Big Tech Crackdown Is Accelerating โ€” Get On These Growing Alternative Platforms

We are cancelling legacy #bigtech accounts as fast as we can set up our accounts new tech platforms that don’t censor, or should we say #sensor


Find us where you can @dutheis

๐Ÿš€Three Alt-Tech CEOs Issue Emergency Messages To Humanity โญ

We will share their messages here and post multiple interviews.

Brighteon, Parler, and Gab are the last open and free communication platforms. Many have not heard of at least one or two of them; yet they are making a splash on the World scene.

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A message from the CEO of GAB:

The Digital Civil War is Here, Which Side Are You On?

The People’s Media Revolution