You Will Eat Zee Bugs

Tracking The Worldwide Implementation of Bug Eating Under The Guise of Saving The “Climate”

The phenomenon of eating insects is, like most trends today, not coming out of natural inclination, but through the means of propaganda.  The most insidious propaganda machine is the will of the World Economic Forum.

Just another conspirrrrrrracy theorrrrrry? Well here it is straight off the Horse’s back:

Propaganda Exhibit


Worm Hot Dogs

Artur P. Discusses Worm Dogs

Check out what this Lad has to say about eating grasshoppers (VIDEO)

The indoctrination doesn’t end with adults either.  Watch or listen as this commentator speaks about how The System wants to indoctrinate the youth into eating insects:

Generation Y and Z: Conservative? | Counterculture

Canadian Cricket Farm

Hollywood “Celebs” spread bug eating propaganda:

IKEA hops on the bugwagon:

There is certainly more to come from this story…