As The System Makes It’s Final Moves, GAB CEO Sends Out Important Message

Imagine building a company from the ground up only to be locked out of your own bank account and not being allowed to use multiple merchant services including paypal. Imagine creepy CEOs of multiple competitors conspiring your demise and using Millions of not Billions to attack a family business. This sounds like something out of the worst science fiction movies, but it is real. All signs point to the final takedown of an American Enterprise with the assistance of cell phones and telescreens.

Supporting GAB is more important than ever. It is very expensive to keep running and hard to get funds to the company because of bans on payment processing.

Don’t Believe Me JUST WATCH:

Memorial Day Event Was Just Banned From Fakebook

With 15,000 ready to attend #BigTech gives the Anaconda Squeeze

As with many things that are getting banned over the last few months (which are becoming too many to name); this sudden move will cause the event to grow even bigger. At this point in the game people are sick and tired of these technocrats at Facebook, Google, Concast, et al. trying to stop regular people from enjoying life together. They must be angry that no one cares about the narratives they push while censoring people they don’t like.

This is a story worth tracking so check back for updates in the future. 🔮