Church Burnings & Desecration

Latest Desecration:

June 9, 2022

Burnings begin in the United States

April 9, 2022

Tomb of Joseph Vandalized and Set on Fire

Joseph’s Tomb Smashed After Rioters Breach Holy Site

July 2021

20 Churches Burned In Canada

4.19.2021 INTEL UPDATE

There appears to be a church burning in Minneapolis.

HINDU Temple Destroyed

A few days earlier another Church Burns:

Another Church Burns


Latest Burning:


Courtesy @angelaramirez via Parler

Radicalized Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists Attack Kenosha After Officer Involved Shooting

#Kenosha Burns

Here is the most recent Church on fire from suspected arson:

Fukushima Exposed🇨🇦 (@fukushimaexpos2) Tweeted:
Breaking: There is a massive fire at the historic Nantes Cathedral in France.

How many more will burn before this is all over?