4th of July MixTape

20 Patriotic Songs Including Classics and New

You won’t find a better mix than this! Links to all platforms for each song are below. For the most impact it is best to listen in the exact order below.

Here is the Spotify playlist that includes all twenty songs in order:

‘We The People’

The Patriot by Topher, The Marine Rapper https://songwhip.com/topher/the-patriot

We Are the People by D.Cure, The Marine Rapper, Topher https://sng.to/dcure/we-are-the-people

America the Beautiful by Ray Charles https://songwhip.com/ray-charles/america-the-beautiful2021

God Save America by Bryson Gray, Tyson James, James McCoy Taylor https://songwhip.com/bryson-gray/god-save-america

The Star Spangled Banner by Joy Villa https://songwhip.com/joyvilla/the-star-spangled-banner

Proud American by Forgiato Blow, Bezz Believe https://songwhip.com/forgiato-blow/proud-american

Yankee Doodle by The United States Navy Band https://songwhip.com/theunitedstatesnavyband/yankee-doodle

4 More Years by Forgiato Blow, Colt Ford https://songwhip.com/forgiato-blow/4moreyears

Stars and Stripes Forever by John Williams, Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler https://songwhip.com/john-williams/stars-and-stripes-forever

Mr Red White and Blue by Coffey Anderson https://songwhip.com/coffey-anderson/mr-red-white-and-blue

Usa by Bezz Believe https://songwhip.com/bezz-believe/usa

All American by Bryson Gray, DVS 7.0, DCTheCapital https://songwhip.com/bryson-gray/all-american

Better in the U.S.A by Glenn Frey https://songwhip.com/glenn-frey/better-in-the-usa

Home of the Brave by Adam Calhoun https://songwhip.com/adam-calhoun/home-of-the-brave

My Beautiful America by The Charlie Daniels Band https://songwhip.com/the-charlie-daniels-band/my-beautiful-america

I Stand for the Flag by Wes Cook Band https://songwhip.com/wescookband/i-stand-for-the-flag

Surfin’ U.S.A by The Beach Boys https://songwhip.com/the-beach-boys/surfin-usa

Fallen Soldiers by the Marine Rapper, Topher, D.Cure https://songwhip.com/the-marine-rapper/fallen-soldiers

United We Stand by Hi-Rez, Jimmy Levy https://songwhip.com/hi-rez/united-we-stand

Justice for All by Donald J. Trump, J6 Prison Choir https://songwhip.com/donaldjtrump/justice-for-all

My Pillow Guy Is An American Hero

LIVE Streaming Cyber Symposium Here 👇

Epic interview with Mike Lindell


This is how Corporate Un-America responds:


Last interview before the unveiling of 3 hour Documentary:

Supreme Court Case Template Built With Multiple State Attorney Generals

PURPOSE: Decertify 2020 Election

The Truth About How Big Tech and The “Media” Framed General Flynn

An honorable man had his life almost ruined because of the fake PP Tape Russia Bullshit.

Watch and listen as the truth is laid out:


There are some new updates as indictments start rolling in. Listen carefully:


Now here is one extremely epic four way interview between some Generals:

Fun reading, who is Tech Exec 1?

Americans Listen Up General Flynn Thanks Us All


Yes we have and FREEDOM for General Flynn was our first reward in this #Epoch Time.

Preview of upcoming interview: