Church Gestapo Tracker

Thread To Track Those Who Fight For Religious Freedom

First up is one from Canada and this guy sets the standard for how leaders of any congregation need to stand up to the thuggish illegal behavior of wanna-be Gestapo Agents Worldwide:

“Nazis Are Not Welcome Here!”

Meanwhile in London:

The Lion Returns – Gestapo Turned Away Again

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An Update From Canada’s Christian LION:

Canadian Pastor Arrested for Holding Church Service!

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For 15 months I’m fighting those Hyenas

Artur P.

Sentencing Day

Massive update from Canada’s Christian Lion

Pastor Artur Arrested

After several arrests the Gestapo now have Canada’s Christian Lion locked up. HERE IS A MESSAGE from him through his brother:

After two long years and multiple arrests and false charges Pastor Artur finally wins

Check out the most recent full victory interview here:

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