Active Investigation Into Origins Of Virus Pandemic



RFK Jr. Calls Out The Fraudulent Death Protocols

JULY 2023

Brevard County Florida Executive Committee makes courageous move to expose ORIGINS

APRIL 2023

Latest Senate report discusses leaky origins

After reviewing over 50,000 documents, the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee released a comprehensive 300-page report called “Muddy Waters,” which found the COVID pandemic was caused by two separate lab leaks that began as early as July 2019.

Click to access senate-covid-19-origins-report.pdf

MARCH 2023

Dr. Redfield’s explosive testimony on corrupt elements in the US Government involved in the origins

The good doctor outs Fauci and the Department of Defense


Origins in the “news”

mRNA Stays In The Blood Longer Than Thought


Pfizer Exec Makes Frightening Statements


From “Conspiracy Theory” to House Intelligence Report:


Peter Daszak secretly organized a statement in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet deeming a lab origin a “conspiracy theory.”

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Twitter Releases Internal Communications Implicating Fauci?


Whistleblower Releases Documents, Speaks Out

👂Audio Interview:


Member of EU Makes Massive Announcement


Senator Paul Vows to Investigate “Origins” of “the virus” (VIDEO):


Multiple Reports on #origins From Diverse Sources

Will Russell Brand get banned from “You”Tube? If the video below is missing then he did…

Here is the backup:

Russell Brand
Crosstalk News


Romanian MEP Grills CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna


Florida Governor mentions “origins”



More proof comes out that CoNviD Nineteen is lab made using Gain of Function

Wuhan Lab Was Genetically Manipulating Deadly Nipah Virus, Expert Testifies at Senate Hearing


Dr. Michael McDowell calls it a “left right combo”


Dr. M writes comprehensive article with sources to mail perpetrators and explains how local grand juries will be key to their defeat



FOIA Request exposes emails of Doctor warning about virus:

Senator grills NIH Head on Origins


Banned Dr. Interviews Main Original Origins Whistleblower:


Most Powerful Interview Yet With Whistle-blower Virologist:

Man in Barbados claims to have copy of Wuhan database


CCP Blocking Inquiry

Former State Department Investigator: China Already Knows Origin Of Pandemic


Wall Street Journal admits what many already know:


Another Dead Doctor?


“In light of ongoing investigations into the origin of COVID-19 and in consultation with public health experts, we will no longer remove claims that COVID-19 is man-made from our apps”

Facebook Press Release May 26, 2021


Multiple confirmations coming out as more people suspect sinister origins:

Mike Pompeo (@mikepompeo) Tweeted:
Over a year ago, I told @MarthaRaddatz that the Wuhan Virus most likely came from a lab leak. She stopped just short of offering me a tin hat. The CCP said I was an enemy of mankind.

And now? Well, now, the Left wing media is scrambling to get on the side of the truth.


The organization behind a recent report attempting to discredit COVID-19 studies authored by Dr. Li-Meng Yan is run by the Research Director of Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, an entity with long-standing, extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party.” – The National Pulse


“But that’s all spilt milk now. We’re probably never going to find out,” he said.

WHO Team Investigating CCP Virus Fails to Find Origin

“The CCP has accused countries including the U.S., Italy, Russia, and many more, for being the source of the virus as it has continued to reject calls for a completely independent investigation.” – The Epoch Times

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New Study Concludes Laboratory Origins

The study concludes only a 0.2% probability of an origin in nature; leaving a 99.8% chance that it came from a lab…


Report: Trump To Present ‘Bombshell’ Evidence That COVID Came From Wuhan Lab

Dr. Y Latest Report – Read Before it is Banned

Click to access 479224616-The-2nd-Yan-Report.pdf

Brave Virologist Flees CCP Revenge Leaves Husband Back In China:


Chinese Virologist Flees Communist Country…Claims She Has Evidence COVID-19 Was Manmade In Wuhan Lab [VIDEO]

Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) Tweeted:
Tom Cotton reiterates his suggestion that the Coronavirus originated at a super-lab in Wuhan

Former British Intelligence Chief Concludes Wuhan Virus Was Man Made

Former MI6 Head: Coronavirus Is Man-Made, Released From A Lab

100 Countries Want Probe

Over 100 Nations Push for Independent Probe into WHO and CCP Virus Origin

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The Department of Defense (DoD) is looking into the possibility that the virus, came from the biological research lab.

Gen. Mark Milley confirms during a press conference that they are looking into the possibility it was leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). This lab is less than 30 miles from the so-called origin, the “Wuhan Wet Market”.

General Milley made validating statements at a press briefing broadcast yesterday.

Here is full PBS coverage of that meeting via YouTube:

General Milley’s Shit is Getting Real Face

The POINT is…They still don’t know:

“There’s a lot of rumor and speculation in a wide variety of media, blog sites, etc.,” said Milley, adding “It should be no surprise to you that we have taken a keen interest in that, and we have had a lot of intelligence take a hard look at that.”

“At this point it’s inconclusive, although the weight of evidence seems to indicate natural, but we do not know for sure,” Milley added.

Meanwhile, TEDRoS, the Cockroach from Men in Black, is attempting to cover his own ass. In the video below he promises vaccines. If the World Health Organization is untrustworthy, can we really trust a so-called vaccine?

T-Ros Conducts CYA Meeting

17 States Urge Congress to Investigate Origins In Letter From Attorney Generals

Chief Legal Officers Letter

Austrian Study Found Here Indicates Virus Was Made To Attack Humans

“Overall, the data indicates that SARS-CoV-2 is uniquely adapted to infect humans,
raising important questions as to whether it arose in nature by a rare chance event or whether its origins might lie elsewhere.”

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