Yes it is about to get real…


Just the beginning…

OANN to release emails TONIGHT 10.18.2020

Just the beginning of a list of trusted “media” companies that will push this lie. So far they haven’t been able to push the fake narrative across the finish line.

This system is rolling out in Ireland

NOT 1 NOT 2 but 3 HIGH LEVEL Chinese Communist Party Members set them up…

Forget BORAT the #hollywoodlame with his fake BULLSchlaKa and check out this REAL interview with Rudy G:


Swallwell and Fang Fang sitting in a tree…

Election Interference by the CCP

President Trump’s Executive Order On Foreign Interference in Elections Comes Due Today – Things Are Going to Get Real

File This Under Spygate 3.0

Positive moves:

“We’ll take care of it after the election”, “We caught them”, ” We have everything”… 10.12.2020

M3thods (@M2Madness) Tweeted:
Yep, POTUS said it…

This already classic meme from January is just about to be proven true:

Unsurprisingly, people are freaking out on Twitter about another Trending hashtag. This time it is #ObamaGate. Check this out:

See, they think this time crying Russia, Russia, Russia is going to work. The reality is it is GAME OVER. The exoneration of General Flynn kicked into motion what Patriots in our government and military have been planning for years.

Documents declassified on May 5th 2020 show prior knowledge: