They Are Called Agent Provocateurs

Tactic is called FALSE FLAG

Multiple reports are coming in confirming the infiltration of a peaceful rally today by agent provacateurs. This first one was already shared by Congressman Gaetz of Florida

Reports are also coming in that some Police are working with the provacateurs. Here is one video:

You won’t see this video on the fake news It’s got barely any views right now compared to the ones that keep showing on TV. Clearly shows an older Trump supporter stopping a helmet headed provocateur from wrecking the window:

Another eyewitness speaks about what he heard infiltrators saying:

Rudy G Confirms Our Assumption About “Agent Provacateurs”:

Former War Correspondent Speaks Out:

Latest mashup covering one of the main agent provocateurs:


One week after Jim Bannon is supeonaed it appears the goons are coming for Alex Jones with their fake “commission”. Here is what he has to say about the situation:


First Aquittal…-viva-frei-vlawg.html?mref=2ybo9&mc=8l15r

June 2022 – HOAX Sham J6 committee begins their made for TV show “trial”

Jan. 6 Was ‘An Inside Job to Entrap People Who Attended Trump’s Speech’: Investigative Journalist


More interest in agent provocateurs comes out in Congressional hearing. Listen as Congressman Gaetz discusses with Dr. Beatie:


American Heroes Speak Out From Gulag

Darren McBreen gets everyone caught up