New Music Friday

Stay Strong and Be Humble

D.Cure does it again, FULL ALBUM drop with special guests


KillWill speaks truth on

“Making a Martyr”

Mapalo and Bryson Gray get Spiritual on

“Love for my God”

Jonezen reminds everyone to

“Take It Serious”

The Marine Rapper is still UNSTOPPABLE

April 8th

April 9th

April 10th

April 11th

April 12th

April 13th

Carlos joins TMR on a ReeeeEeeee Mix

“On My Mine 2”

Tyson James stands up to The System again on this Apple Music and Tidal banned 🚫 track 🙏


Here is the music video:

Forgiato Blow joins Stoney Dudebro on this heavy rock anthem


Mapalo drops two tracks



The Lone Wolf AKA Tommy Vext closes it out with a big sound


“Juneteenth” Already Exists As State Holiday In Texas

Don’t fall for the next narrative from The System. Corrupt Establishment provacateurs take one last stab at dividing Americans with their “new” segregated holiday…

And then there is this…