When The Freaks Come Out

Looks like the riots and stuff are starting again around the world so this new thread will track various BLM and ANTIFA freaks out doing their natural thing…

Let’s get it!

May 2023

NYC Streets

Pantifa freaks out in abundance

NYC Subway

April 2023


Grocery Store


Chicago woman cries while documenting the worst looted WalMart you’ve ever seen #blacklivesmatter #blm #chicago #looting #liberal #biden #chiraq #thugs #looters

♬ original sound – GregAselbekian

A woman who was violently attacked with her partner during rioting in Chicago told Fox 32 “they said they were going to kill us” and revealed that police ignored her cries for help.

https://summit.news/2023/04/19/woman-attacked-in-chicago-they-said-they-were-going-to-kill-us/ https://truthsocial.com/users/RealPJW/statuses/110224762405786600

Hodge Twins cover the latest

San Francisco University – a female speaker attacked by mob

March 2023

Miami, Florida “Spring Break”

UC Davis – PAntifa Back at Campuses

Atlanta Tree PAntifa


February 2023


PAntifa scum deployed to Budapest, Hungary

Ireland filled with PAntifa Pansies

Thug live streams himself ramming vehicle into protestors

Wild mob attacks in Memphis

January 2023

Coordinated Riots appear to be stirring up in the usual cities after a police brutality incident in Memphis

NO WHITES allowed on Sherman St 👇

Atlanta popping off


A little Wendy’s action for the last day of the year

Thugs battle with Police Officer as one of their Hoes twerks over top of him


Looting In Buffalo After Record Snow Storm

Mask 4 Life 🧬

October 2022

Massive Looting at a WAWA in Philadelphia

Chicken Place?

New York City Shanks


Green Suited Thugs Attack On Subway

September 2022

Very sad end of September stabbing in New York City

Chicago AKA Chi – Town

White supremacists attack an elderly Asian man after demanding to see his ID, robbing him of all his belongings and viciously assaulting him. He bleeds profusely and no one does anything about it.

Welcome to Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

New Zealand

August 2022

Dance Party Atop A Bus Stop Roof


Los Angeles – Criminal flash mob robs 7-11 store while filming with high end equipment

Walmart Somewhere

July 2022

San Francisco

Los Angeles


New York City

June 2022

New York – Traffic Light Twerk

Portland – Goons with black umbrellas and black blok apparel assault woman in street


Minor Dispute At A McDonald’s https://truthsocial.com/users/TheNPCShow/statuses/108541653655874441

Antifa infiltrating Anti-Life groups and causing mischief at State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona

Thinking about protecting your business from things? NOT IN DALLAS!

Minneapolis has great theme parks

In Chicago, they like twerking on strangers cars


In London, mass murderers worshipped as masked commies march


In Philly, Gas prices in the rise along with danger

Hollywood and the “Music” industry are full of freaks

Phoenix, Arizona – Cricket Wireless Attack

Backup Copy

Pervs coming for the kids even in Texas 👇

May 2022

Portland 5.29.2022


COPS: Portland #Meme #Memes #Antifa https://truthsocial.com/users/painefultruths/statuses/108385979170428947


Multiple freaks arrested after setting up autonomous zone in Atlanta woods and burning vehicle



“F**K the Church, F**K the State, you can’t make us procreate”

Austin “Protestors”

Anarchy in the UK? Nope, just some unorganized “trans ninjas”



“I got hot sauce in my bag betch!”

Seattle Today


4 PAT-RI-OTS take on 15 Pantifa Pansies


Los Angeles


South Africa

It Begins…



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Police Clash With Some Brainwashed “Trans” Freaks Out Protesting For BLM


Backup Copy:

Grand Rapids, Michigan

BLM Thugs Out In The Streets Harassing People


Rennes, France

Militants In France Burning Cars and Smashing Things

Mostly Peaceful Protestors Compilation