Australia Is The Model

Keep Your Eyes On The Land Down Under

If you haven’t seen what’s going on in Australia it’s been ramping up for quite a while now months, if not over a year. It certainly won’t be long before the same type of tyranny arrives in the United States. At this point the USA is about 30 to 90 days behind Australia. Keep an eye on Canada too because they usually come about a week or two before the U.S.

Keep in mind how close Australia is to the CCP Base just across the ocean.

YUGE: Nurse Traveled From Florida ToNew York For Work And What She Witnessed Was Shocking

We are archiving this video here as it will most likely be banned by YouTube Google Facebook Twitter and any other “big tech” platform. It is also a likely candidate to show up and be mocked on the “news” and late night “shows”. We will archive the best of those here as well.

Remember this
#whistleblowers are protected