The Truth About Science and What We Are Dealing With

Go download this somewhere while you can before it gets banned

Here is the backup copy for when “You”Tube bans it:

Another Doctor Speaks Out:

The above video appears to have gotten the Doctor banned from YouTube for seven days:

Here is his latest post about the situation:

Rand Paul after getting suspended by ‘leftwing cretins’ at YouTube: A ‘badge of honor’

Another Doctor/Scientist speaks out in Barbados


Another Doctor speaks out and is subsequently banned from Twitter:

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Banned American Heart Association document:

Banned Doctors issue an emergency declaration:

One Year Ago They Were Banned

America’s Frontline Doctors are back live in less than 48 hours for the anniversary of being banned by FakeBook and SpewTube

Here is the YouTube censored press conference they don’t want you to see: