List Of Companies That Canceled My Pillow

This is what we have come to…🐂💩

Walmart has just canceled MyPillow. Shop now and show your support. Use promo code R248,


Dominion takes the bait and sues Mike Lindell. In a vicious $1.5 Billion Dollar lawsuit where the claim is made that Mike says there is election fraud because he wants to sell more pillows. 🤡🌎

Here is the filing:

Mike Lindell is excited to conduct discovery:

Walmart Cancels My Pillow June 2022

In this devastating move The My Pillow Company risks losing it’s 2,000 employees main work, manufacturing the MyPillow Pillow in the USA.

In response Mike offers the lowest price ever MyPillow to the public for $19.98 at and use Promo Code: L77

Interestingly, this price was offered to Wal-Mart just before the cancellation.

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