Fake News Media Spasms

Those talking heads in the fake news media are beginning to spaz out. Nothing can be good when Orange Man is involved.

Epic Display Of Fake News In Action 🧐

Twitter showed Infowars as trending early this morning, but it was for nefarious purposes:

Antifa Rioters Set Homeless Veteran’s Mattress on Fire, Leftists Blame Infowars Crew Who Filmed It

Here is a link to another view πŸ‘‡


Clown Boy Brian Stelter, threatened by competition, cries about it live on air:

Oliver Dooshey is relegated to cry baby tweets:

Who’s next?

Well, none other than the Washington Post. This Fake News Behemoth spreads it’s dirty claws out whenever opportunity strikes.

Here is one of their best #FakeNews “reporters” with a disgusting tirade:

Just think about spending your life working to be a reporter and then you’re relegated to crying about whoever the President is on Twitter because you don’t like that person; it would be a sad life.

Why are they so obsessed?

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